Scalp Med® Platinum Discount Program

Get your Scalp Med® Platinum Discount Program here.

If you’ve seen the reviews and testimonials about Scalp Med, you know that re-growing your hair takes weeks to months.

That’s why Scalp Med’s discount program was designed: to help you save money as Scalp Med regrows your hair.

It works like this:

  1. You try the 60-day Introductory Offer.
  2. If, after 60 days, you’re satisfied and don’t cancel, you’re automatically enrolled into the Loyalty Discount Program. In this program, your first shipment is at the regular price, but after that, you pay less each month, until you’re saving $30 each month

Scalp Med’s Platinum Discount Program is better known as it’s Loyalty Discount Program. It’s designed to help you save money as your hair grows back, month after month. One neat thing about this program is that you can pause it, and still continue to get the same savings when you renew again.

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