Scalp Med Side Effects? What You Need To Know

If you’re concerned about possible Scalp Med side effects, this page will discuss what you need to know, and put you at ease. Always speak to a doctor.

ScalpMed is a popular hair loss product that has long been praised for its ability to help people slow hair loss and regrow hair. There are many such products on the market, some of which have long lists of side effects that include everything from scalp pain to sexual dysfunction.

It is always best to speak with your physician before starting any new drug or medication. Although the formulators of ScalpMed designed it to not cause any major side effects, certain people may still experience minor side effects. Here are some of the most common side effects of ScalpMed.

No Sexual Dysfunction

It is probably best to address one of the main problems with hair loss medications, which is that they often cause sexual side effects. Many of the top brands of hair loss treatments on the market today list sexual dysfunction as one of the main side effects. The good news about ScalpMed is that it does not cause any sexual problems or dysfunction. It can safely be used without worrying about problems with erections or other sexual difficulties that can occur when using other brands.

Possible ScalpMed Side Effects

Now that we have gotten the big one out of the way, it is time to talk about some of the possible side effects that people do have when using ScalpMed. Although their official site says that there are no side effects, it’s good to remember that minoxidil is a key ingredient.

Because of minoxidil, here are some possible side effects (not just of this product, but any product containing minoxidil):

Blurred vision: Some people have a reaction to Minoxidil, the main active ingredient in ScalpMed, which gives them temporary blurred vision.

Unwanted hair growth: Some users have reported that ScalpMed didn’t just help them grow hair on their head but also in other places. You might get hair growth on your back, cheeks and ears from using this product.

Itchy or irritated scalp: Minoxidil is also known to give some people an itchy or irritated scalp. Although ScalpMed may be designed to be easy on the scalp, there’s always that small minority that can experience this.

Although ScalpMed claims there are no major side effects, users are encouraged to discontinue use of the product or seek a doctor if they have any of the following problems:

-Chest pain

-Rapid heart beat

-Fainting or dizziness

-Unexplained weight gain

-Swelling of the hands and feet

-Unwanted facial hair growth

-Scalp irritation

-No hair growth results

If you have these problems you should stop using ScalpMed and in serious cases, speak to a doctor.

Additional Side Effect Resources

This National Institutes of Health article can tell you more about minoxidil: http://www.nlm.nih.gov/medlineplus/druginfo/meds/a689003.html

This site is designed for you to get product information specifically about ScalpMed, particularly consumer reviews.  You can learn about it’s ingredients, the women’s formula, the men’s formula, how it works, and buying information.

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