The Scalp Med Spray: What It Is and How It Works

The Scalp Med spray basically comes in 2 formulas: Vitdil-5A or Vitadil-2A. It can be used by men and women to reverse hair loss.

Millions of men and women begin to lose their hair every year. Many times the hair loss progresses because people are embarrassed and don’t know what to do about it. Well, Scalp Med might just be what they’re looking for. Scalp Med is a safe formula containing FDA-approved ingredients that are used to stimulate hair growth.

There are two formulas for users to purchase: Vitdil-5A or Vitadil-2A. Both of the formulas include the revolutionary, active ingredient minoxidil. The product can be used by both men and women for their hair loss needs. The medication is not a one-time solution however. The solution works as long as it is being used in the user’s hair. There are even additional products in the hair line that will make hair soft, thick and healthy.

People who are just starting to lose their hair should not worry about using this product, as it’s perfectly safe for them too. The maker of this product even encourages using it as early as possible so that the treatment is effective. The product effectively works by reversing hair loss so that hair grows back in faster and thicker. Each person’s hair growth is different, however. Some people see their hair re-grow quickly, whereas for others, it takes a longer time to see hair growth.

The product actually works when the ingredient Panthenol-DX dissolves the abundance of sebaceous secretion that builds up at the opening of the follicle and also at the base of the shaft. This is what helps hair to grow.

This product doesn’t stop at hair growth. It contains strong moisturizers that leave the scalp nourished instead of dry, irritated or itchy. Scalp Med stands out from other hair loss products because it doesn’t cause any sexual side effects. The product is also patented protected to guarantee results.

One of the users of Scalp Med, Bonnie, wrote a review: Looking at the progress photo is amazing. Regrowth is amazing, my hair is denser and even darker! The difference between baseline and now is extraordinary.

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